A place to update news, reputable crypto knowledge to the community
We have been investing & advising for potential Blockchain projects at the top of the market. Moreover, we are also the communication partner of the leading VCs as well as the leading Platforms and Launchpads in Vietnam.

We focus on building core values ​​through:
• Free daily basic knowledge sharing for newbies
• Call and judge IDO bets, reputable Dip bets for your reference
• Link, cooperate, connect with VCs, Exchanges, Launchpads at home and abroad
• Participate in projects at seed and private stages
• Connecting domestic and foreign KOLs & Marketing for the project in each phase
• At the same time, organize professional and useful training courses on crypto to build a quality community with in-depth knowledge in the crypto market.

Crypto Services

We provide professional service for crypto project.



We will bring your project image everywhere in the Vietnamese community thanks to close links with KOLs as well as Launchpads and other large and small crypto communities through sharing project information on websites. media as well as organizing AMAs.



We can build and manage communities for projects that need to expand the community thanks to a team of admins who are experienced and knowledgeable in the crypto market in general and community building in particular.